Thursday, November 17, 2016

Getting Started: Software Part II

When selecting the genealogy software you want to use, look at the features offered:

1] Ease of use. Entering data needs to be a smooth process. Select a program that is highly user friendly.

2] Printing options. Decide what types of charts and reports you would like to print out. Pedigree charts, family group sheets, narrative reports, publishing options. Some programs offer a variety of pedigree charts. Most programs offer 4-5 formats for printing reports. Book or website publishing options exist for many programs. Pick one that meets your needs.

3] Source input. Most programs offer simple "fill-in-the-blank" templates for a wide variety of sources. If needed, you can frequently create your own templates for sources not covered.

4] Publishing options. Some of the family tree programs go directly online through the publisher of the program. You will generally have an option to make your tree public or private. Private trees allow you to restrict access to family, friends, fellow researchers, etc. via permission or password. Programs that offer book publishing options may require a bit of creativity to get things set up the way you want. All of the basic pages are available: title page, table of contents, index, and so forth. You can design the chapters by individuals or families. Including charts, photos, documents and maps is also possible.

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