Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ancestors of Note: H, J, L

Thomas Harding [1635-1708]: Quaker, one of the founders of Burlington Co., NJ.*

Henry R. & William L. Jarrell [1845-1868; 1847-1884]: Two brothers who chose different paths during the post Civil War era. Henry Jarrell joined the Reno Gang. The Renos, based in southern Indiana, gained fame as the first train robbers in the US. Henry and two cohorts fled to Illinois, but he wrote of his whereabouts to his girlfriend in Louisville, KY. The girl, being illiterate, had the letter read to her by a friend - within earshot of a Pinkerton agent. Henry and members of the gang were arrested and later taken from the posse by Jackson Co., IN vigilantes, who lynched them. William Jerrell left Indiana for New Mexico Territory, where he married, started a family and went into business. After a local mercantile was held up, Jarrell was appointed a deputy sheriff and sent to apprehend the thief. While in pursuit, he helped foil a stage hold-up and was fatally wounded. He died in San Angelo, Texas.

Frances Latham [1608/9-1677]: Frances was married three times and came to America with her 2nd husband. She was the ancestor of 13 governors and deputy or lieutenant governors and related to six others by marriage. This earned her the nickname "Mother of Governors."*

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