Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ancestors of Note II

Sir Richard Barnard of Lincolnshire, England [1568-1641]: Barnard was a clergyman. He attended Cambridge and served as vicar at Worksop and Batombe. Sir Richard published several books on theology. Early on he was a Separatist, but broke with the movement and became a staunch opponent of John Robinson and company. His daughter, Mary, married Roger Williams.*

Pierre Billiou [1622-1701]: Billiou was a Walloon [French Protestant]. He sailed for New Netherland in 1661 and became one of the proprietors of Staten Island. His home, built shortly after his arrival, still stands in the Dongan Hills section along Richmond Road. Pierre's wife, Francoise, was the sister of Louis DuBois, who became a prominent settler in Ulster Co., NY*

William Brewster [1565-1644]: Brewster was a leader in the Separatist movement. The Separatists [Pilgrims] left England to settle in Leiden in The Netherlands. In 1620, Brewster and others opted to sail to America. The Mayflower arrived in what was christened the Plymouth Colony. Elder Brewster remained a leader of the Separatist church in Plymouth.*

* direct-line ancestor

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