Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Getting Started: Charts

As you get started on your research, you will need a few basic charts to help you organize:

1) Pedigree chart: These charts come in landscape and portrait formats and 3, 4 or 5 generation formats. The chart has a line for yourself [#1], your parents [#2-3], grandparents [#4-5, 6-7]  & so on.
Lines are provided for the birth, marriage & death date & place for each individual.

2) Family Group Sheet/Record: This document allows you to record the family data for each person in a family. Space is provided for the birth, marriage & death of the parents and children, as well as the spouses of the kids.

3) Research Log: This document allows you to record each source you use and its value.

4) To Do List: Allows you to create a check list of what you've done & need to do.

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