Saturday, November 12, 2016

Final Ancestors of Note: V & W

Jan Jansen van Haarlem [1570-75 - aft 1641]: Jan was a Dutch seaman who was captured by Moroccan pirates. He converted to Islam and eventually became Admiral of the Sultan's pirate fleet based at the port of Salee, Morocco. Jan became known as Murat Rais.

Anthony Jansen van Salee [1607-1676]: Son of Murat Reis and [probably] his Moorish wife.  Anthony served under his father as a Moroccan pirate. He and his brother, Abraham, were sent back to The Netherlands. Although Moroccan ships were built and outfitted by the Dutch, van Salee's Islamic faith was looked down upon. Deciding to try America, Anthony married enroute to New Amsterdam and settled there briefly as a farmer. His background led to his banishment. Van Salee then settled at Gravesend.

Rev. Roger Williams [1604-1683]: Williams founded Providence Plantation [Rhode Island]. The colony became a safe haven for people of all faiths. He started the First Baptist Church in America. Later, dissatisfied with the Church, Williams became a Seeker.*

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