Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ancestors of Note: D & G

Louis DuBois [1626-1693]: DuBois joined other Walloons in settling the Dutch colony near Esopus and Wildwyck  about 1660. He was one of the founders of Nieu Dorp [Hurley] in 1662 and New Paltz in 1677. The DuBois Fort [fortified house] is one of the centerpieces of Huguenot Street in New Paltz, NY. His sister, Francoise Billiou, settled at Staten Island. Louis gave his consent for his niece, Marie Billiou, to marry Arent Jansen Prall at Kingston in 1670.

Dr. John Greene: Greene was closely associated with Roger Williams at Providence [Rhode Is.], where he became the colony's first physician. He latter settled at Warwick [RI] and was instrumental in getting the village out from under the control of Massachusetts.*

Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene [1742-1786]: A Quaker, Nathanael Greene chose patriotism over faith and joined the Rhode Island militia at the outbreak of the Revolution. He soon found himself in the Continental Army, rising through the ranks. Washington appointed him Quartermaster General. Greene became one of Washington's most trusted generals. The Commander-in-chief wanted Greene appointed to the command of the Southern Department in 1780, but Congress selected their favorite, Horatio Gates. After Gates' disastrous defeat at Camden, SC, Washington's choice was put in command. Greene wore down Cornwallis. Although technically defeated at Guilford Court House, NC, Greene's forces took a heavy toll on the British. After the war, Greene was given a plantation in Georgia, where he died from heatstroke in 1786.

Samuel Gorton [1592/3-1677]: Gorton was a religious dissenter who found refuge in Rhode Island. He believed in a sort of Christian Transcendentalism that garnered quite a following. His followers became known as Gortonists.* 

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