Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Political shenanigans our ancestors faced

A brief break from the job market....

With all of the nonsense surrounding the upcoming electIons, I thought a look back in history might be in order.

Thomas Jefferson used to be one of my favorite historical figures. The more I read, the less impressed I am. TJ made life miserable for George Washington during his 2nd term. He also used the press to wreck John Adams' chances for reelection.

Alexander Hamilton was his own party's worst enemy and worked against Adams as well.

Andrew Jackson did his best to rid his party of those who opposed.him.

John Quincy Adams.became president after.some behind the scenes dealing.

The press has had a role in making or breaking more than one politician for better or worse. Maybe not as much as the current alleged journalists, but they've tried.

2016?? Maybe we should go back to the days of everybody who wants throws his/her name in the hat and we vote. Most votes = president, number VP.
Think about that one!

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