Monday, October 3, 2016

Mr. Miller

During colonial times up to the early 20th century, the majority of our ancestors were farmers. You may also find a large number of millers or grist millers among the ranks. Frequently, a farmer with land bordering a good water source would erect a grist mill. His neighbors would bring their corn, wheat, or other grains to the mill where it would be ground into flour. The miller would often get a portion of the flour as payment.

The following careers relate to mills:

Pikeman: miller's assistant
Miller: owned or operated a mill [could be any mill - textile, grain, paper, wind, saw, etc.]
Milleress: miller's wife
Bolter: sifted meal
Gristmiller: ground corn and other grains into flour
Melder: corn miller
Meal man: dealt in corn and flour
Boothman: corn merchant

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