Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Head and Toe

Folks who made or sold head and footware:

Beaver: made felt for hats
Blacking maker: made shoe polish
Block cutter: made wooden blocks used in making hats
Boot binder: operated a machine that bound footware
Boot closer: stitched together shoe upper
Chamber master: made shoes at home
Chapeler: made and sold hats
Clogger: made wooden shoes for sale
Cobbler, Souter: shoemaker
Haberdasher: sold men's furnishings [hats, gloves, shirts, neckties, etc.]
Milliner: sold ladies' hats and bonnets
Laster: shaped shoes on a last [wooden mold in the shape of a human foot]
Plaiter: made straw plaits used in making hats

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