Friday, October 28, 2016

Death Certificate miscues

I have a "nice" collection of death certificates, mostly from Marion Co., IN. The others are from other Indiana counties, Illinois and Ohio.

Standard information gleaned from death certificates includes
1) date and place of death
2) date and place of birth
3) name of spouse
4) marital status
5) name and birthplace of parents
6) cause[s] of death; length of treatment; attending physician
7) burial site, funeral home
8) address at time of death
9) informant

Note: A good deal of the information given for the death certificate comes from the informant. The informant is generally the spouse, child or sibling of the decedent. In some cases the person is a neighbor, in-law or even the doctor. The reliability of the details provided is based on the knowledge of the informant.

My non-Marion Co. death certificate omissions/errors:
1) Hugh Prall - 5/6/1907 - Grant Co., IN: father's birthplace given as Scotland [it was PA]; mother's last name not given. Relationship: great-grandfather.
2) Margaret Jane Wolary [Prall] - 1/27/1910 - Grant Co., IN: birthplace given as Virginia [it was OH]; mother's given name unknown. Rel.: great-grandmother
3) Louise McHugh - 9/13/1906 - Chicago, Cook, IL: birthplace of parents unknown; no place on certificate for names of parents; maiden name not given. Rel.: great-grandmother.
4) J.M. Simmons - 5/25/1883 - Carroll Co., IN: initials only; mother's given name only; no birthplace given for parents; no informant given. Rel.: ggggf
5) Thomas Crail - 6/13/1937 - Hamilton Co., OH: father's birthplace given as Ireland [it was OH]; birthplace given as US [it was IN]. Rel.: ggf's brother

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