Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hometown DC Miscues

Here are my Marion Co., IN death certificate misfires:

1) Martin Cawby Jr.: 6/14/1898 - age given as 19 [he was 79].
2) Lucinda Cawby: 9/28/1920 - mother's name and parents' birthplaces unknown
3) William M. Prall: "Marshall" is written above the M. [correction]; "better known as Morris" written after name; father's birthplace unknown
4) Catherine Crail: 7/29/1934: name written as Katherine Creal, with corrected name written above; birthdate [12/15/1833] and age at death [99 yrs. 7 mos. 14 days] do not match. [Family remembers celebrating 100th birthday, which would make birthdate correct and age at death one year off.]
5) James Crail: 10/25/1920 - father's birthplace given as Ireland [it was OH]; family would contend that cause of death was in error and "beaten to death" should have been added.
6) Bess Katherine McHugh: 9/20/1952 - K should be C; mother's first name shown as "Mamie," should be "Mima."
7) Mary A. Crail: 8/11/1887 - no spouse's name; married checked [she was widowed]; no date of birth; mother's name not given; father's name T. Jones [no first name given].

When using death certificates, don't expect 100% reliability. The doctor's info should be accurate; the rest is at the mercy of the informant.

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