Saturday, May 28, 2016

Military Conflicts pre-1775

The British Colonies [Dutch, Swede as well] were involved in military engagements before the American Revolution. These involved local militias for the most part against local Native American Indian tribes. Perhaps one of the most notable conflict was King Phillip's War in New England in 1675-6.

In some cases, you had colony vs. colony; New Netherland and New Sweden were frequently at odds in the years before the Brits took over both colonies [NY, DE] in 1664. The Dutch regained control of New York briefly in  the early 1670s.

The Seven Years War [French and Indian War in America] pitted the British and their American subjects against the French on American soil. [1754-1763] Many of the Indian tribes sided with the French. George Washington gained fame as a Virginia militia colonel and hero after Braddock's troops were ambushed by French & Indian forces. Shawnee and other tribes raided frontier settlements in the Ohio Valley.

Research local county and state records to see if your ancestors or their families were involved in any of these conflicts. If you have Indian ancestors, check them out too - at least tribal activities. Check sites for the Colonial Wars and local militias in the counties where your ancestors settled.

I can claim ancestors from King Phillip's War and the French and Indian War.

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