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Gen-8: Hugh McDonald Prall Kids

Second Generation [9th Generation]
2.  Cora Edith Prall (Hugh McDonald-1) was born on 20 Aug 1876 in Ohio. She died on 13 Jun 1961 at the age of 84 in Sacramento, Sacramento Co., California.23

Cora Edith Prall and William Edward "Red" Squires were married on 15 Apr 1895 in Grant Co., Indiana.24 William Edward "Red" Squires56,2534, son of Robert N. Squires and Mary Elizabeth Wright, was born on 19 Nov 1876 in Wayne Co., Indiana.35 He died on 10 Oct 1947 at the age of 70 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California.23 The Squires family appeared in the Marion, Indiana Directories between 1895 and 1926:
1895 [p. 174]:
 William E. Squires - conductor, street car - boards, 513 S. Adams; Carrie Squires - boards, 513 S. Adams;
Robert Squires - boarding, 513 S. Adams

1897 [p. 173]:
George A. Squires - candy maker, works - Dilling & Co., boards - 1215 S. Adams; Robert Squires - butcher, resides - 1215 S. Adams;
W.E. Squires - motorman, resides 1215 S. Adams

1899 [p. 157]:
George Squires - works, Dilling & Co., boards - 1215 S. Adams;
Wm. E. - motorman, resides - 1843 S. Adams

1901-02 [p. 530]:
Wm. E. Squires [Cora E.] - motorman, Union Traction Co., home - 1843 S. Adams

1904 [p. 350]:
W.E. Squires [Cora] - conductor, UT, boards - 2302 S. Adams

1906-07 [p. 363]:
W.E. Squires [Cora] - street railroader, 119 W. 20th; Minnie Squires - 119 W. 20th

1908-09 [p. 372]:
Wm. E. Squires [Cora] - conductor, home - 2002 S. Washington

1911-12 [p. 424]:
W.E. Squires [Cora] - superintendent, UT Co., home - 2110 S. Adams

1913-14 [p. 381]:
W.E. Squires [Cora] - division superintendent, Indiana Union Traction, home - 1318 S. Boots, phone - 1284

1919 [p. 476]:
Cerel Squires - student, boards - RFD 11;
Wm. E. Squires - div. supt., Union Traction Co., resides - RFD 11

1921 [p. 515]:
V. Gerald Squires [Hazel A.] - electrician, boards - 1528 W. 3rd;
Wm. E. Squires [Cora] - div. supt. UT of Indiana, resides - RFD 11

1923 [p. 410-411]:
V. Gerald Squires - student, Marion Business College, resides - 1528 W. 3rd; Wm. E. Squires [Cora] - div. supt., UT of Ind., resides - RFD 11

1925 [p. 404]:
Wm. E. Squires [Cora] - supt., UT Co., resides - 202 Iroquois Building

As is evidenced from the Marion directories, William E. Squires was a conductor on a street car for many years. No explanation was found in the following source's end code. Presumably, it is from January 1897. "Squires, W.E. "Reddy" - has been motor car [i.e. street car] pilot through Gas City for two weeks; will be replaced by W.A. Lucas; will then be on the Jonesboro - Marion Line. [G1/1/97], p. 214"

After the Squires family moved to Lake County, Indiana, they built a house on Miller Beach on Lake Michigan. Cora's nephew, Hugh Prall, spent several summers visiting the family. One summer, Pop and his cousins purchased an old car for $5 and rebuilt it. Bob [Robert] Squires was a drum major at Emerson High School. He worked at the Gary Steel Works, where his father was a paymaster. Sid [Ceral] worked at Gary Screw and Bolt Works.

Shortly after his parents retired to California, Gerald made the move west and became an animator for Disney Studios. Betty [Evans] Price, Sid's step-daughter, and her husband operated a chain of Laundromats in Indianapolis. [story related by my father.]
William Edward Squires and Cora Edith Prall had the following children:
              4              i.   Von Gerald Squires, born 13 Jul 1895, Grant Co., Indiana; married Hazel Snoke, 2 Dec 1918, Lake Co., Indiana; died 31 Oct 1975, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California.
              5             ii.   Cerel [Sid] Squires, born 20 Apr 1901, Grant Co., Indiana; married Mae J. Jones, abt 1928, Indiana; died Dec 1979, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co., Florida.
              6            iii.   Julian Dale Squires, born 12 Nov 1909, Grant Co., Indiana; married Miriam Virginia Welch; died 19 Oct 1994, Atascadero, San Luis Obispo Co., California.
                            iv.   Robert Squires was born on 29 Feb 1912 in Grant Co., Indiana.3637 He died in Nov 1955 at the age of 43 in Wheeler, Porter Co., Indiana.37
3.  William Marshall Prall56,16,3841 (Hugh McDonald-1) was born on 30 Dec 1878 in Grant Co., Indiana.38 Between 1902 and 1939 he was a Candymaker for J. F. Carmody in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.38 He died on 23 Dec 1939 at the age of 60 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.38,42 Post influenzal encephalitis William was buried on 26 Dec 1939 in Memorial Park Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.38 William Marshall Prall was born shortly after the family arrived in Grant Co., Indiana in 1878. His sister, Cora, was born in Ohio and their parents probably left there around the end of 1877 or beginning of 1878. The family lived on a farm in Sims Township for several years before moving into Marion.
By 1895 both William and his father were listed as "solicitors" [evidently working as pollsters or vote tabulators] and residing at 703 S. Washington. The family had moved to 1210 S. Boots by 1897 and William Prall was working at B.F. Fowler Candy Factory. He left Marion about 1901.

In 1901 William found employment as a candymaker in Cincinnati. From 1901-1906, he was listed as Marshall Prall and was boarding at the northeast corner of Court and Race, except for 1906 when he was rooming at the southwest corner of 2nd and Vine.

William Marshall Prall fathered a son, Arthur, in 1904 with Mary Ida "Marie" Laeschele. Arthur was born on 28 October in the Cincinnati City Hospital. Marshall and Marie married 27 March 1906. The marriage did not last. Marshall moved to Indianapolis by 1907, where he appeared in the city directory that year.
  He filed for divorced on 3 June 1910. [Marion Co. case #80962, entry docket #102, room H] The divorce was finalized on 3 October 1910. From 1907 -1909, he was listed in the city directory as Maurice Prall. [FHL # 1611619-20]

Marshall Prall worked for J.F. Darmody, a candy factory, in Indianapolis for 33 years. His boss asked him to make a special business trip to Chicago and rewarded him with a new radio. The Prall household became a gathering point for the broadcast of the Gene Tunney - Jack Dempsey heavyweight championship boxing match in Chicago on 22 September 1927. Tunney won the fight in ten rounds. [story related by my father]

William Marshall Prall married Mayme Faucett on 23 December 1911. Mayme was working as a clerk at Vonnegut Hardware at the time of the marriage. Her brother, Lester ["Buddy"] signed as witness. William and Clint Pentzer [who married Mayme's sister Freda] were both boarding at the Faucett residence at 609 N. California St. The couple had two children, Dorothy and Hugh.

William Prall registered for the first World War draft on 12 September 1918. His card contained the following information: medium height, slender build, gray eyes, black hair; occupation: candy maker, place of employment: J.F. Darmody, 27 W. Maryland, residence: 29 N. Beville.

The family was residing at 29 N. Drexel Ave. when William Marshall Prall died from post influenzal encephalitis on 23 December 1939 at St. Vincent's Hospital. He was buried at Memorial Park Cemetery on E. Washington St.

William Marshall Prall and Mary Ida "Marie" Laechele were married on 27 Mar 1906 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio.43 Mary Ida "Marie" Laechele4345, daughter of Franz Oscar Laechele and Anna Schelmann, was born on 22 Apr 1888 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.46 She died on 27 Mar 1970 at the age of 81 in Kenton Co., Kentucky.47 Mary Laechele was the first wife of William Marshall Prall. They married in 1906 while living in Cincinnati. She was born in Cleveland to German immigrant parents.
It is not known if Mary accompanied her husband to Indianapolis in 1907. Marshall field for divorce in Indianapolis in 1910. Marie, working as a waitress in Cincinnati, remarried four days after the divorce.

In the 1910 census, Mary's twice widowed mother, living in Ripley County, Indiana, was shown with a 5 year old grandson named Otto Prall. Mary and her 2nd husband, James Schultz, were shown with a 15 year old son named Arthur Schultz in 1920. Since Arthur's birth record shows his surname as Prall, it is doubtful that he was adopted by Schultz.

Following James' death in 1930, Mary married Edward Burkard in Roanoke, Virginia in 1931. The couple eventually moved to Kenton Co., Kentucky where both died in 1970; Mary on 27 March and Edward on 1 May.
William Marshall Prall and Mary Ida Laechele had the following child:
                              i.   Arthur "Otto" Prall4850 was born on 28 Oct 1904 at City Hospital in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio.48,50 Arthur was born at the City Hospital in Cincinnati on 28 October 1904, nearly 17 months before his parents were married on 27 March 1906. The file for pre-1909 births at the University of Cincinnati Archives and Rare Books Division shows that Arthur's parents were Marshall Prall, candymaker, born in Indiana and Mary Laechele, born in Ohio.
Arthur was shown as Otto in the 1910 census. He was living with his maternal grandmother, a native of Germany, which may explain the error. The census enumerator may have mistaken Anna's pronunciation of 'Arthur' [perhaps 'Arter'] for 'Otto'. In 1920, Arthur was living with his mother and stepfather and was enumerated under Schultz.

William Marshall Prall and Mayme [Lulamae] Faucett were married on 23 Dec 1911 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.16 Mayme [Lulamae] Faucett51, daughter of Charles Elmer Faucett and Elizabeth June [Lizzie] Cawby, was born on 25 Aug 1885 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.5253 She died on 14 May 1960 at the age of 74 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.53 Sarcoma of the uterus with abdominal ...? She was buried on 16 May 1960 in Memorial Park Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.53 Mayme was ill with diabetes. She was also known as Mayme Prall.54 Mayme was the eldest child of Charles and Lizzie Faucett. She married "Marsh" Prall in 1911 and they had two children, Dorothy and Hugh.
In 1927 a tornado ripped through Indianapolis. At the time, the Pralls were living in one half of a double residence on Temple St. Mayme's parents were living in the other half. Aunt Dorothy had gone to see a movie at the Tacoma Theater earlier in the day. Grandma had no idea if the theater had been hit and was frantic. As it turned out, the Tacoma was spared. In fact, Aunt Dorothy had no idea that a tornado had hit nearby. The house suffered some minor damage from a fallen tree.

To me, Mayme Faucett was always "Grandma." I had very faint recollections of my maternal grandparents and my paternal grandfather died 12 years before I was born. Mayme Faucett Prall was the grandparent I remember.

She served as a frequent baby-sitter at our house on Elizabeth Street and her own apartment on Linwood. Grandma lived in a ground floor apartment at Linwood and Pleasant Run Parkyway. Her sister and brother-in-law, Freda and Clint Pentzer lived in an apartment in the same complex across the street. Uncle Clint and Grandma's neighbors served as backups to give her an occasional break from grandson watching duties.

Grandma was diabetic. It was my job to make sure she did not drink any Pepsi [which she loved and stocked up on, but could not drink, when I was visiting] while I was at her apartment. Unfortunately, diet-sodas had not been developed while Grandma was alive. She would have enjoyed a Diet Pepsi.

The only time I was really suspicious of my grandmother was the day she told me I was to take Mom downtown. Going to downtown Indianapolis was a major event. That usually meant visiting the toy departments of the major stores like L.S. Ayers, Block's, Wasson's, and Kresgee's; or going to a movie theater like the Circle. I was about seven and my mother was supposed to take ME downtown. Our Irish Setter, Peggy, was 17 and in poor health. When we got home, I could not find Peggy and Mom in the bedroom with Grandma crying. Pop had taken Peggy to the veterinarian to be "put to sleep." [50s vernacular for "put down."] We all lost a family member that day. Peggy had been part of the family since puppyhood and part of my entire life. Grandma had been on hand to break the bad news to Mom.

Mom had told me not to expect any "big Christmas presents" from Grandma because she was living on a budget .That made the last Christmas present I received from her extra special. It was a dinosaur play set that included the more "realistic dinosaurs" of the time. I was a real dinosaur fanatic in 1959-60 and was very pleasantly surprised with the set of dinosaurs, plastic palm trees, and rock formations. I used the pieces from that set when I taught my third-graders about prehistoric life twenty-five years later.

When I visited my grandparents' grave site at Memorial Park Cemetery in 1999, I jokingly thanked Grandma for passing on the diabetes to her only grandson.
William Marshall Prall and Mayme [Lulamae] Faucett had the following children:
              7              i.   Dorothy Prall, born 12 Dec 1913, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Charles Ross, 25 Jul 1931, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; died 6 Mar 1986, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.
              8             ii.   Hugh Charles Prall, born 19 Jan 1918, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; married Ruthjane Mc Hugh, 23 Aug 1940, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; died 11 May 2007, North Collier Hospital, Collier County, Florida.

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