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Gen-8: Hugh McDonald Prall

Eighth & Ninth Generation: 

First Generation

1.  Hugh McDonald Prall111 was born on 23 Nov 1852 in York Co., Pennsylvania.1213 He died from Bright's Diseae on 6 May 1907 at the age of 54 in Herbst, Grant Co., Indiana.1,78,14 He was buried on 7 May 1907 in Herbst Thrailkill Cemetery, Grant Co., Indiana.78,13 [no record of headstone] Hugh was a carpenter, farmer, solicitor, clerk, canvasser, collector, cornice maker.1516 Hugh McDonald Prall was born in York Co., Pennsylvania on 23 November 1852, the youngest of 10 children. The family lost their farm during the early years of the Civil War and his mother died in 1865. During the decade of the 1860s, many of Hugh's siblings were marrying and moving weat into Ohio.
It would appear that shortly after the death of Ann Bethiah Prall [his mother], Hugh and his father joined the westward migration. By 1870, father Isaac had moved in with daughter Annie Kohler in Clinton County and Hugh had been apprenticed to his second eldest brother, Charles Wesley, a carpenter in Highland County. Charles had moved to Van Wert County by 1880. Hugh must have found carpentry work in Auglaize County while the family was on the move. He married Margaret Jane Wolary there in 1874.The couple had a daughter, Cora Edith, born in 1876 prior to their move to Grant County, Indiana. Son William Marshall was born there in 1878.

The Pralls resided on a farm in Sims Township in 1880. They lived in Marion from at least 1895 until 1904. It would appear that they moved to the town of Herbst, just outside of Marion, after 1904. Hugh's obituary mentions his residence there in 1907. Margaret suffered a stroke and moved back to Marion, residing with her daughter's family until her death in 1910.

Hugh was trained as a carpenter, but was farming in 1880. He was listed as a solicitor, collector, and clerk in the Marion directories. On the marriage application of his son, he was listed as a cornice* maker.

OBITUARY NOTICE: Marion Daily Leader/Tribune, p. 2, column 5: Monday, May 6, 1907:

"Hugh M. Prall, aged 55 years, died at 1 o'clock Monday morning at his residence in Herbst after a long illness.
  He leaves a wife and two children, a daughter, Mrs. Will Squires of Marion and a son Marshal [William Marshall] of Indianapolis. The funeral will take place Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock from the M.E. church in Herbst. Interment will be made in the Thrailkill Cemetery. Mr. Prall was well known in Marion, where he visited on many different occassions."
Marion [IN] City Directories:
1895: [p. 148]
PRALL, William M., solicitor, boards, 703 S. Washington
PRALL, Cora, boards, 703 S. Washington
PRALL, Hugh McD., solicitor, boards, 703 S. Washington

1897: [p. 150, 173]
PRALL, Hugh M., clerk, res., 1210 S. Boots
PRALL, William M., works-candy factory, boards, 1210 S. Boots
SQUIRES, George, candymaker, works-Dilling & Co., boards, 1215 S. Adams
SQUIRES, Robert, butcher, res., 1215 S. Adams
SQUIRES, W.E., motorman, res. 1843 S. Adams

1899: [p. 135]
PRALL, Hugh, canvasser, res., 1008 S. Adams
PRALL, Marshall, works-B.F. Fowler, boards, 1008 S. Adams
SQUIRES, George, works-Dilling & Co., res., 105 S. Nebraska
SQUIRES, James A., barber, City Barber Shop,, res., 813 S. Gallatin
SQUIRES, Wm. E., motorman, res., 1843 S. Adams

PRALL, Hugh M. [Margaret J.], collector, home, 1818 S. Adams
SQUIRES, James A. [Anna], home, 510 S. Adams
SQUIRES, Wm. E. [Cora E.], conductor-UT Co., home, 1818 S. Adams

Adams, Washington, and Boots Streets are consecutive North-South streets in Marion. The Pralls lived in a, roughly, eight block area covering those three streets from 1895-1904. B.F. Fowler Confectionary, William M. Prall's workplace, was a candy company located on 224 W. 3rd St.
  He remained in that line of work after he moved to Indfianapolis. Will Squires was employed by the Union Traction Co., which ran the street cars in Marion. [Marion City map]
*[a molded projection that crowns a wall]

Hugh McDonald Prall and Margaret Jane Wolary were married on 8 Oct 1874 in Auglaize Co., Ohio.4 Margaret Jane Wolary17, daughter of William Wolary and Sarah Hubbard, was born on 26 Oct 1856 in probably Grant Co., Indiana.1820 She died heart failure on 27 Jan 1910 at the age of 53 in Marion, Grant Co., Indiana.2122 She was buried on 29 Jan 1910 in Herbst Thrailkill Cemetery, Grant Co., Indiana.9,17 [unmarked grave] The obituary notice for Margaret Jane from the Marion Daily Leader reads as follows: "Mrs. Prall died Thursday morning, Jan. 27, 1910, following a 'lingering illness with heart trouble, followed by a stroke of paralysis' at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Will E. Squires. She was survived by Mrs. W.E. Squires and Wm. Marshall Prall of Indianapolis. Age 52. Buried at Herbst-Thrailkill Cemetery."

Hugh McDonald Prall and Margaret Jane Wolary had the following children:

              2              i.   Cora Edith Prall, born 20 Aug 1876, Ohio; married William Edward Squires, 15 Apr 1895, Grant Co., Indiana; died 13 Jun 1961, Sacramento, Sacramento Co., California.

              3             ii.   William Marshall Prall, born 30 Dec 1878, Grant Co., Indiana; married Mary Ida Laechele, 27 Mar 1906, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio; married Mayme [Lulamae] Faucett, 23 Dec 1911, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana; died 23 Dec 1939, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana.

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