Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Update on the Land Family

I recently posted that I may have a few additional generations of Land ancestors. While in Ft. Wayne, I did some research at the Allen Co. Public Library's Genealogy Center.

Most of what I found dealt with Francis, the immigrant, and his son Renatus. The Land Family of Lower Norfolk and Princess Ann Counties by Sadie Scott Kellam provided some answers and left a few questions unanswered.

Francis was the father of Renatus, this confirmed by various records. Renatus was the father of Edward and Robert according to his will. Unfortunately, the author was concerned with Edward's line and I'm concerned with Robert's.

Family trees posted on numerous sites lack documentation, but are relatively consistent with the aforementioned Edward being the father of Thomas Land, who married Anna Sumter - my line.

Edward is shown with wife Eleanor McClanahan in the vast majority of trees. A few have a Thomas Land as Eleanor's husband and still the mother of my Thomas. This line is shown going back to a series of Curtis Lands. I feel that the Curtis Land line doesn't pan out. I dealt with that tree about 15 years or so back.

Needed? Proof that Edward [Robert-Renatus-Francis] married Eleanor McClanahan [or another woman] and fathered Thomas, who married  Anna Sumter. Simple, huh?

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