Wednesday, October 21, 2015

An Ideal Location

This story may have been posted before, but it is short, sweet and a bit quirky.

My great-grandfather, James Crail was a blacksmith in Peru, Indiana and Tipton, Indiana. Evidently, that career wasn't providing sufficiently for a growing family. James decided to become a veterinarian. Not being able to afford schools in Indiana or Chicago, he elected to take a basic veterinary course being offered at the Ontario Veterinary College in Canada. So, the family went to Ontario.

After completing his work in Ontario in 1894, James returned to Indiana. His career as a vet and federal meat inspector would begin in Shelbyville, then to Chicago and finally Indianapolis.

The "fun fact" came in Shelbyville. A local historian compiled the location of city businesses and charted them out. During the early 1900s, Dr. Crail's office was flanked by a meat market and a livery stable. Boy, talk about an ideal location!

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