Monday, October 12, 2015

Family update: Treasury Agent David Nolan

First of all, apologies to my handful of regular readers for missing a few days. I neglected to keep my stockpile going!

I recently contacted the Kansas City Library [MO] to see if their newspapers archive might have a detailed obituary on David Nolan. He was my grandmother's cousin and a treasury agent. The numerous single paragraph obits from national newspapers mentioned that Agent Nolan helped gather evidence for Al Capone's income tax evasion trial. I have yet to find out what evidence.

The KC obit arrived this morning and the mystery continues! "He also aided in the collection of evidence that resulted in the conviction for income tax evasion of Al Capone of Chicago." No further details on the case.

Disappointed? Some. New information? You bet!! The obit included a picture of Nolan. Time of service with the federal government [14 years], career changes [night chief of detectives in St. Louis, department of justice narcotics division, treasury agent for internal revenue division in KC]. He was a major in the military police reserve, US Army.

The other major case mentioned was the conviction of North Side Democratic Leader John Lazia on income tax evasion charges.

Although the Capone case wasn't detailed, the obit was a good source of information. The picture alone was worth it!

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