Monday, May 11, 2015

The Road to Indy [The Prall Side of the Family]

My apologies to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway folks for the title, but it is May and I am near Speedway.....

Yesterday, I laid out many of the routes that my ancestral families took to reach Indiana. Whether they originated in New England, New York or Virginia, the families ended up in Indianapolis.

My paternal side:

(1) Prall-Wolary: The Prall & Wolary families had migrated through several southwestern Ohio counties before merging together in Auglaize Co. Hugh M. Prall & Margaret Jane Wolary married in 1874 and moved to Grant Co., Indiana by 1878. Their son, William Marshall Prall, a candy-maker moved to Indy about 1907. He married Mayme Faucett there in 1911.

(2) Faucett-Hurin: The Faucetts settled in what would become Warren Co., Ohio shortly after arriving in Cincinnati in December 1797 or January 1798. John and his wife Eve [Fry] came down the Ohio River from western Pennsylvania. Their son, Joseph, was born along the way. The Mahurin/Hurin family had arrived in Cincinnati a couple of years earlier. They had been New Englanders transplanted to NY & NJ. Othniel & Bethia [St. John]Hurin also settled in Warren Co. John decided the family would move to central Indiana in 1823. Joseph Faucett & Rebecca Hurin, now married, were part of the migration. John settled in Marion Co. Joseph & two brothers-in-law settled on an adjoining tract in Hendricks Co. Joseph's son, Benjamin moved the Faucetts to Indianapolis in 1882.

(3) Clark-Miller: Isaac Clark of Kentucky & Catherine Miller of Pennsylvania married in Butler Co., OH. They took the Ohio over to one of the Indians river towns during the mid-1840s & made their way to Hendricks Co. Daughter Nancy married Benjamin Faucett in 1852.

(4) Cawby-Gulley: Two families from the southern states made their move to Indiana from Kentucky. Martin Cawby Jr. settled in Johnson Co., IN during the early 1850s. He buried his 1st wife & mother there. Martin's 2nd wife was Lucinda Gulley. The family lived in Johnson & Hendricks Counties before settling in Indy about 1880. Lucinda's family arrived in Indiana earlier. Her parents, Willis Gulley & Betsy Land, came to Shelby Co., IN about 1828 with Willis' father, Enoch. Willis sold out & moved to Decatur Co. in 1834.  About 1865, the Gulley moved to Hendricks Co., then back to Shelby Co. before returning to Decatur Co. in 1876. Elizabeth Cawby, daughter of Martin & Lucinda, married Charles Faucett [Benjamin & Nancy].

The families began to arrive in Indiana in 1824. The last in 1878. Arrival in Indianapolis ranged from 1880 to 1907.

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