Saturday, May 9, 2015

Some Current Family Mysteries - Genealogically

As I start to get into the mindset of deciding on my Problem Solving project for the 2016 Salt Lake Institute, I decided to list the gaps in family group sheets. Some are long-standing and may never be resolved. Others are families I just haven't looked at in a few years. There are a few relatively new gaps on families "discovered" in recent years. So, mostly for my benefit, here they are.

1. CRAIL: This one is in the "probably never resolved" category. Where were James B. & Mary A. [Jones] Crail from their marriage about 1833 until 1851 and from 1854 until 1875. When & where did James die. They were undoubtedly in the Cincinnati area until mid-1837. Sylvester and John were born in Hamilton Co., Ohio. Aaron was born in Marion Co. in 1839. After selling town lots in Marietta, Shelby, Indiana in 1854, James & Mary vanish until 1875. Mary is widowed & living in Indianapolis at that time.

2. GULLEY: Enoch Gulley lived in Virginia during the Revolutionary War years. There is no record of Enoch having served in either the militia or Continental Line. There is, however, a George Gulley who saw duty with Virginia regiments. A DAR application for this George Gulley had the same wife and descendants as Enoch. Some of the dates and places did not fit Enoch. That application has since been rejected. There is also a lengthy service record for this George Gulley. Enoch & his wife died before the Rev War pensions were available. Were Enoch & George the same person? Proof needed!

3. TWISS: Martha Twiss married Joseph Jennison about 1745 in Salem, Massachusetts. Martha is probably the daughter of Peter Twiss Jr. & Sarah Nurse. I have yet to find her birth record to confirm parentage. Compiled genealogies on the Twiss families tend to miss Martha. Does she fit here?

4. MOORE: Hester Jane [or Jane Hester] Moore married  James Morris Simmons in Warren Co., Ohio in 1826. Census records give her birthplace as either North or South Carolina. Hester was about four years older than James. Was she married before? If so, what was her maiden name? Who were her parents? The 1830 census shows no viable candidates for Hester's Moore family. I dealt with this one several years back. That was before I had uncovered the earlier generations of my Simmons clan. Hester might be worth a fresh look.

5. MACCALLUM: I submitted Malcolm MacCallum/Callum for the mini-problem solving session at the SLIG this year. Malcolm was a Scottish prisoner of war sold to the Saugus/Lynn Iron Works  in Massachusetts by Oliver Cromwell in 1651. He was married by 1656 and the births of his children are recorded [with numerous spelling variations]. A handful of references are made to Malcolm in other records. A concentrated research effort has not yet been conducted on him.

I'm leaning toward Gulley or MacCallum for SLIG 2016. Moore & Twiss would be 3rd & 4th choices. Crail is a distant #5. Stay tuned for the final decision! :)-

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