Friday, July 21, 2017

Some notes on the Twiss and Very families

I didn't feel the following items warranted a complete new update on the Very family or a full update on the Twiss family. They do however flesh out the families a bit, so were worth a post for any Very or Twiss descendants.

The info is from The Peabod Story - Events in Peabody's History 1626 - 1972 [John A. Wells, Essex Institute, Salem, MA, 1972]

p. 75: The Humphrey Grant was divided in the early 1700s when the part owned by James Menzies was sold to Joseph Douty and Peter Twiss. The Douty  and Twiss families were members of the first South Church established in Peabody in 1711. The Twiss family occupied the old Collins house on Lake Street.

p. 81: The old Mansfield House, built in 1680, was occupied by Peter Twiss at one time.

p. 82: The 160 acre Philip Verrin farm [now the Peabody Industrial Park area] was later owned by the Very and Nurse families, among others. Samuel Very divided the land amongst his heirs with son Benjamin receiving the land near Cedar Pond and daughter Elizabeth [John] Nurse receiving 40 acres in 1686.

p. 98: Samuel Very was a mariner and came to the area in 1634 with his mother, widow Bridget Very, who married Edward Giles. Samuel Very married Alice Woodis. They had 12 children. Samuel died in 1683. Giles owned 50 acres adjoining Samuel Very's property. Bridget gave 10 acres of this tract to son Eleazer Giles after Edward's death in 1649.

p. 144: Peter Twiss, Jr. owned land in Stones Plain which he sold with the frame of a house to Jonathan Southwick in 1735. He also owned land near Suntaug Lake in West Peabody purchased from Joseph Douty in 1723.

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