Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Independence Day Tribute to Ancestors

A special thanks today to my direct and collateral ancestors who served the cause of Independence, and to their brothers who may have served - and to the wives and families who supported them.

Holden Rhodes - Edward Prall - John Faucett - Seth Mahurin/Hurin - Nicholas Hostetler - John Land - Thomas Land - Benjamin Prall - Enoch Gulley - Samuel Clark -Thomas Sumter - John Simmons Sr. - John Simmons Jr. - Peter Jennison - Henry Smith - Amos Singletary - Nathanael Greene -

....and any others I may have neglected to mention.

Also, those who came around to the cause - Conrad Earthenhouse
and those whose vanity caused them to abandon the cause - Benedict Arnold [1776-1780] 

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