Sunday, July 9, 2017


One phase of genealogical research that I wish I had devoted more time to is mapping. Ranging from plotting land from deed descriptions to migratory patterns of families, mapping can help clarify where your ancestors lived.

Within the US, I do know that my ancestors moved primarily from New England to Ohio to Indiana; New York to Ohio to Indiana; Pennsylvania to Ohio to Indiana or to Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana; Virginia to Kentucky to Indiana. A few took round-about routes to Indiana [PA-MO-WI-IL-IN & PA-IL-WI-IL-IN].

Township plat maps have been a godsend!

What about ancestral homes in Europe? England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Denmark,  Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium [Flanders] and other western European countries are very general.

My goal now is to take those European homelands and attempt to assign people to places within counties, provinces, shires, principalities, etc. I'm starting with England. I'm listing counties/shires and towns and villages within them, then adding the families.

So far, 33 counties/shires with at least one village and I'm up to F on the villages. Wish me luck!

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