Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Newspaper items: Family history tidbits

Newspapers can be a big help in genealogy research. Ancestry, Find My Past and a few other sites offer access [limited with certain newspapers] to "historical newspapers."

In addition to the usual marriage and death notices, newspapers can offer birth notices, social news, advertisements, and other bits of information on our ancestors.

A recent search of online newspapers has turned up some interesting items on members of my family.

Shelbyville Daily Democrat [IN];
6 Dec 1902: Announcement that Dr. James Crail was elected a delegate to the Sons of Union Veterans State Encampment at Rising Sum, IN for July 1902.

24 Jan 1905: A buggy accident caused minor injuries to Dr. James Crail. Horse was retrieved and buggy wrecked.

25 Feb 1907: A baby daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. Harry Crail of Shelbyville on the 24th.

10 Feb 1908: Announcement that Dr. James Crail was taking a job in Chicago as Veterinary Inspector.

29 Jan 1910: Announcement that Mrs. Catherine Crail was ill at home.

Greensburg Saturday Review [IN]: 5 Mar 1907: Morris Crail, 3 yr. old son of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Crail, was found to have a soup bean lodged in his ear. It was removed successfully. [notice in 13 other papers]

Peru Republican [IN]: 8 Nov 1901: Death of Mrs. William Brenner, 42, from lockjaw. Survived by mother Catherine Crail, 2 brothers, sister & husband.

Kokomo Saturday Tribune [IN]: 5 Jan 1884: "The Dead of 1883, Interment in city last year.": 27 May 1883 - James M. Simmons, Camden, 79 years, Bright's Disease. 13 May 1883: Twin sons of Nathaniel Simmons, Camden. [believe Nathaniel is an error, should have been Samuel]

Shelbyville Friday Republican [IN]: 7 Jan 1902: James Crail installed as Chaplain of Frank Talbert Camp #45, Sons of Union Veterans.

Manilla Mail [IN] 19 Nov 1903: Advertisement for Dr. James Crail, Veterinary Surgeon, Shelbyville. Quick service by automobile. Office - 96 E. Washington St. Phones - old 213, new 294. Graduate Ontario Veterinary College. Manufacturer of Crail's Indigestive Powder, cures unthriftiness, hide bound, starting coat, loss of energy, etc. [presumably for animals]

Greensburg Standard & Greensburg News [IN] 1 Aug 1902: Announcement of marriage between Harry Crail & Pearl E. Malloy. Groom works at Lincoln Carriage Factory. 

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