Sunday, June 14, 2015

Family Photos #6: Four generations of the family

To me, this is one of the neater photos of the group. Four generations of the family! There is a bit of debate on the identification of one generation. My best guess for the date of the picture is as early as 1919, but no later than the summer of 1920.

The lady on the far right is my great-great-grandmother, Lucinda Gulley Cawby who died in September 1920 at the age of 89.

To her left is her daughter, Elizabeth June "Lizzie" Cawby, my great-grandmother. [c53]

Lizzie is holding the topic of debate. Originally, I thought she was holding my Aunt Dorothy. That would have placed the date of the photo about 1916. However, the shoes made me rethink the identity of the youngster. They look more like boy's shoes than girl's. It may well be my father, Hugh Charles Prall in 1919-20.

Finally we have, on the far left, my grandmother, Mayme Faucett Prall. [c35]

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