Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2009 SLIG: The Hubbard Mystery Continues

2009: The goal was to find out the name of Levin Hubbard's second wife. [consultants: George Ott & Stan Lindaas] My great-grandmother, Margaret Jane Wolary Prall was the granddaughter of Levin Hubbard and his 2nd wife. I had been trying to locate her off-and-on for several years.

Not even George Ott's expertise could bail me out on this one. Searching Hubbard records from Maryland, Delaware, Ohio and Indiana provided no clues to the elusive lady's name. I was able to flesh out the children of all three marriages a bit, but nothing on wife #2.

Note: One ray of hope remained after the Institute. Elizabeth Hubbard Johnson, the only child of Levin's 2nd marriage to survive until Indiana deaths were officially recorded, died in Grant Co., Indiana in 1903. I drove up to Marion after I got home to check on the death registration. Her father's name was misspelled and her mother's name "unknown." The mystery continues.

Next up: The Big Breakthrogh of 2010!

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