Thursday, December 29, 2016

Favorite Ancestors: Edward Prall

Edward Prall, son of Aaron Prall and Mary Whittaker, was a native of Hunterdon Co., NJ. After his trading partnership with Richard Reading dissolved over political alliances, Edward moved to Harford Co., MD. [Reading was a loyalist and went to Canada.]

Edward started a new business and became involved with local patriotic activities during the 1760s and early 1770s. Harford Countians smuggled supplies to Boston after the port was closed by the British. A very well-trained militia group was formed. On 22 March 1775, the Harford Resolves were signed by the Harford Committee in support of the actions of the Continental Congress.

Prall and other local patriots joined Col. William Smallwood's regiment and marched to New York to support Washington's army. The Marylanders, along with the Delaware Regiment, held off British and Hessian troops while the Continental Army withdrew from Long Island. Of the 400 men involved in the delaying action, over 250 were captured or killed, Lt. Edward Prall among them. He would spend approximately 20 months as a prisoner of war.

Washington would rely on the Marylanders frequently throughout the war. He assigned them to General Gates' Southern Army, where they were decimated at Camden.

Captain Edward Prall saw some additional action after his exchange, but spent time recruiting replacements for his regiment. After the war, he returned home to take an active role in local politics.

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